Welcome to Nordic Town Twinning Conference in Uddevalla

17-20 September 2024 - Uddevalla, Sweden

You're cordially invited to Uddevalla- located on the beautiful Swedish west coast. Mark your calendars for the Nordic Town Twinning Conference on "Togetherness" with a focus on "How to Work with Safety and Crime Prevention." 

Join us as we gather representatives from across the Nordic region to delve into the power of unity and collaboration in tackling pressing societal issues. This conference will serve as a platform for insightful discussions, innovative strategies, and invaluable networking opportunities.  We look forward to enjoyable days together! 


Tuesday 17/9

Arrival in Uddevalla, check in
19.00 Dinner at the hotel Bohusgården

Read about Bohusgården here.

Wednesday 18/9 Conference day 1

Theme Togetherness - security and crime prevention work

9.00 Welcome to Uddevalla
9.15 Presentation of the twin cities
10.00 Coffe break
10.30 Nordic perspectives on organized crimes, Manne Gerell Associate Professor/Senior lecturer in criminology at Malmö University
11.15 Short break
11.25 Local examples of crime prevention work in Uddevalla
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Local examples of crime prevention work in the twin cities
14.00 Group discussions and coffe break
15.00 Summary and conclusion
15.30 Free time. Walk along the seaside promenade to Gustafsberg if desired
16.45 Bus departs to Gustafsberg ( Sweden´s oldest seaside resort) 
17.00 Boat cruise in the fjord
18.45 Dinner at Gustafsberg together with the youth participants 
20.30 Bus returns to Bohusgården

Thursday 19/9 Conference day 2

Theme Togetherness - Nordic cooperation and inclusion

09.00 Togetherness in the nordic context – Pyry Niemi, National president Föreningen Norden, former member of the Nordic council
09.45 Coffe break
Breaking loneliness, examples from Uddevalla
11.00 Short break
11.10 Inclusion of youth in organized Sports, Åsa Andersson researcher at University of Gothenburg
12.00 Lunch
13.15 Bus departs to the Circus camp
13.45 Circus performance by the youth
14.15 Coffe break
14.45 Bus sightseeing back to Uddevalla
15.30 Visit at the new athletics arena and the swimming hall
16.30 Bus to Bohuslän museum
16.45 Visit at Bohusläns museum
17.30 Bus returns to Bohusgården
17.45 Free time
19.00 Dinner at Bohusgården

Friday 20/9

Check-out and good bye

Nordic Youth Camp - A Celebration of Circus Arts

17-20 September 2024 - Uddevalla, Sweden

Welcome to the Nordic town twinning youth camp – A Celebration of Circus Arts! Are you ready for days filled with excitement, creativity, and friendship? Then this camp is for you! We invite 32 youths from the nordic twin cities to a unique and unforgettable experience where we explore the world of circus arts together.The camp takes place in Uddevalla, located on the beautiful Swedish west coast.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, there’s something for everyone at our camp. The circus doesn’t require any specific skills- we build on each person’s unique abilities! Learn the basics of juggling, test your limits with aerial silk acrobatics, or dare to take to the trapeze under the guidance of our experienced instructor. We promise you’ll feel like a true circus artist before the camp is over!

But it’s not just training and exercises on the agenda – we also have plenty of fun activities and moments to look forward to. You’ll create memories and make new friendships across the Nordic borders.

The highlight of the camp is our spectacular Circus Show together with your new friends and instructor, where YOU get the chance to shine on stage! An experience that will fill you with pride and joy!

Get ready for September days full of adventure, creativity and friendship!

Important information: bring your own bed linen, no sleeping bags allowed at the hostel


Tuesday 17/9

Arrival in Uddevalla, check in at the youth hostel
19.00 Welcome and dinner on place

Wednesday 18/9

09.30 Bus to the circus camp (10 min from youth hostel) 
10.00 Circus workshop
11.30 Lunch
12:30 Circus workshop
14.15 Bus back to the youth hostel
Afternoon: Hang out and activities on place
18.45 Dinner at Gustafsberg restaurant, together with the conference participants

Thursday 19/9

09.30 Bus to the circus camp 
10.00 Circus workshop
11.30 Lunch
12:30 Circus workshop
13.45 Circus show for the conference participants
14.15 Coffe break on site
14.45 Bus back to the youth hostel
Afternoon and evening: 
Hang out and activities on place, pizza night!

Friday 20/9

Check out and good bye!


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